I miss u all >_<




Konbachiwa minna san ~


Really I’m very sorry because I don’t write any thing for 2 weeks

that because I start studying and every thing around me is terrible

the subjects and atmosphere and students every thing …


I miss free time and learning Japanese and running on treadmill with

watching drama +_+ ..

oh I finishing “Papa to musume 7days” drama and it was amazing 🙂

really I learn a lot from it, and I will write a wiki about in -insha2 Allah-


other news ~

I start to make an English presentation about “university of Tokyo

and it will be showed after 2 weeks, I wish to be a wonderful one .


Ok I can’t talk a lot, so see you next time

and plz plz plz ed3ooooli mara kathir (^.^A


I love u all , take care …


يسعدني ردك :)

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