(*_-) Normal Day





Yesterday, I made the lunch , I made 魚座 dumpling and it was



Do you know I feel really HAPPY (裏しい) when I saw my diary

written with some Japanese word ..

 I really PROUD of you  


阻止で、I watched 48 minutes from コーデ.ブルー SP ..

Ah, I love all of them . It hurts me when I feel that it’s the last

time I will watch such wonderful drama ..

For that reason, I want to enjoy every second and enjoy from my

deep deep deep heart   ..



P.S. : when I went to Japan I will attend a drama filming with a

big actors such as 山下智久, 途絶え理科 and 結い新垣إن شاء الله


2 تعليقان to “(*_-) Normal Day”

  1. ssoso Says:

    حلو كتير حبيتو للمسلسل ..

  2. Kaki-chan Says:

    Yes me 2, I love ur diary more if u add Japanese language 😉
    & I loved maki the pic u added

يسعدني ردك :)

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