End of Quiz 1




Hi minna ..

ひっさしぶり(miss you)


First of all, my quizzes were wonderful 🙂

I wish I have been taking full mark specially in Math


and about Japan my love :

 NHK lessons complete the 100 lesson and 今日 (today) I finished the 42 lesson ..

 Also, I watched the 9th episode from 魔王 (Maou) ..


Ah (soda-kun) my tears was falling down when he died 😦 really it broke my heart ..

I’m just surprise how (kasai-kun) can make that to his best friend 😐 !!


 阻止で (In addition), I watch the 25 episode of skip beat 😀 , and I hear a lot of opinions about the last episode, but I wasn’t surprise because I saw an interview with the writer of the story and she said about the end of it and she say :” I’m just want people to not forget the female stories (shujo-manga) ” ..

Maybe she will make a 2nd season (I wish ) because they wrote (the next stage is …) in the end of the episode 😉


Oh I forgot, きのう (yesterday) my sister’s friend download the (花より男子 Movie) ..

No way !!!

I want to watch it as fast as I can  إن شاء الله ..


That’s all ..

So じゃ待った ~


رد واحد to “End of Quiz 1”

  1. Kaki-chan Says:

    I like shujo anime …

    Thankx (^^)

يسعدني ردك :)

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